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Like. Performance shows. A lot of moving parts. It feels more stressful one of those who really does we're almost to the finish line. And in a moment, we're going to introduce our very good friend Billy Mays, the third aka infinite third, aka mouth council caller. Go ahead. I'm all hey, what's up? Consider since early two thousand. Only listened to. Ten minutes increments. Okay. Little homeless. Old gay man from south. Last week Medicom yet. Some of the terms of the things that you do too. Provoke salt? I don't think I ever seen. It gave me a different perspective. Only. Wait. Can I just ask for a second? What what in the world, I would ever say that would make a homophobe because I get criticized for being the exact opposite of that. Which is a homosexual. Because usually people were Paul, and they had aspects to their voice. And i'm. Alabama. Watched. This is one thing. But I I like to think I make fun of all different voices. Whether they be loyalty redneck hillbilly northeast, Chowdhury, whatever I don't I hate the you'd think. Like, I said it only listen to five. You may have you may have a topic. It was interesting. Interesting topic was over with. Exchanged jail. All right. What? Turn you around when you realize last week that it just kind of like a little show. Sometimes a little, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, over the top opinion stuff. Yes. Somebody maybe close minded, and you're trying to get into a different way. Right. And I started spending more time listening to. Well, thank you. Appreciate that had. Radio. Come in the house today. And I. You'll channel was available. Newsday. Shaimaa. Hey, let's time. Yes. I really appreciate the kind words. I hope you'll call back sometime we can have more time to stretch out and really talk. That'd be that'd be a lot of fun. But nothing else. Well, welcome welcome to the show. And we appreciate you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. But thank you. Thank you. Greg. You too. Thank you, seventy seven five seven nine one or two five that guy sounded fifty-six and gay. Yeah. And from south Alabama, ladies and gentlemen, our good friend of the show making his infinite appearance on the show. We love this, dude. A lot Billy Mays the third Billy. It's great to see you, man. Good to see what do you got going on? What are you? What are you pimping today? Oh, man. I'm not really pinpoint anything I'm just trying to get through my days. I got a lot of gigs. That's the thing. You're you. Don't you have all kinds of shows in this month and next month? Tomorrow lucky you tattoo for their art show. Didn't mouth council. Man. I don't know. I have a lot is such a true artist that he comes into promoted shows, then he decides his one approach shows anymore. He's all about the arc. Promote..

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