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Exact price you'll pay for the car you want and see what other people paid for two when you're ready to buy a new or used car it is a true car to enjoy a more confident car buying experience on ABC six first warning meteorologist Jim get all pretty high mid nineties today and tomorrow low nineties Sunday but it'll feel like a hundred and five to a hundred and ten could be a straight pop up at the end of the day is more likely will have to wait until Sunday's cold front gives us really nice weather next week weather is powered by the basement Dr it's cloudy eighty two in Lancaster eighty five with the heat index at ninety four at your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN in response to this weekend's extreme heat city of Columbus login five community centers to help people stay cool centers will be open from nine AM to nine PM Saturday and Sunday those are we will be opening the Barnett center the Beatty center at the merry in Franklin center the Westgate center and a white stone center I moved to reduce criminal penalties for marijuana possession set for Monday by Columbus city council ABC six is Brian magic says the falls a public hearing on the matter last night's counsel's asking for public feedback and getting it since Monday officials say more than thirty four hundred people and trying to in they say in an online survey ninety six percent approve the city reducing criminal penalties for low level marijuana possession the proposal would make pot possession a misdemeanor with a ten dollar fine for less than a hundred grams in a twenty five dollar fine for between a hundred and two hundred grams as for police interim chief Thomas Quinlan is ready for anything council decides to do we always follow what the laws are and counsel makes the laws so we will comply with whatever.

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