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Thousand dollar song of the day we patty announced that had seven ten this morning people already called that was not it no you didn't just hear it no we didn't play but you didn't judge here at any moment we do keep track of the song and that was he announced so we know last night a dea kennel club dog show flynn the be sean was named best in show group winners included biggie the pug slick select of border collie sounds like mancha mobsters from chicago now plug over here exactly and then there's flynn be fearful of land you know that is the oldest sporting event in the united states 100 really forty two years i think westminster kennel club pretty amazing and the uh the fly in tomato did it again the old kid on the block won his third olympic half play halfpipe gold medal from his his body is coach said this is our super bowl but bigger because it's only once every four years and he stresses out you know he's got like an incredible brand and business empire oh yes and he said i guess last time over four years ago 2014 they said he's they spent too much time on business and didn't get around the training properly yes some people suspected that they didn't say that he was not in good spirits that the whole time they but now is the now is the gold winner again got the gold the prove it even after that horrible accident left body have sixty eight.

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