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Right. Like, the, you know, the characters in the show where I had a party planning community Kennedy, and all, but but space force by its very nature is exotic weird and funny on its own. So like, there's there's no juxtaposition between. You know, like the setup and then the joke. It's like there's the joke of space force, which even the name is funny. But then a joke on top of it instead of a setup knock them down. I just interested to see how they're going to execute it. Yeah. There's potential, but but it's really easy to see where this could go wrong. I I actually would have been more excited about it. If Carell wasn't acting in it. I just. Going to take away from it. Well, number one, I think he's because everybody will see him as Michael Scott. And we'll if he's in any way, the character is in any way recognizable as Michael Scott, people will not be able to buy in Michael Scott is working at space force now. Right. So he's going to as an actor try to make the character so absurd or amped up or over the top probably knowing his comedic style, and he'll probably go over the top. And then it's like the over the top Steve Carell is my least favourite Steve curl, like the anchorman, like his character anchorman. I find kind of grading. I don't find him. All that funny. Like, you know, it's just heard I'm concerned. I'm so funny anchorman as a person who loves the office in love space. I'm just concerned these. These. Personal that you than it is to the rest of us because it your space too. Great lows reruns of the office if somehow incorporated their land, no magic into the mix. I I don't know that I could handle it. I'll tune in to Greg Daniels has make cited because I think he was the real driving creative force behind the office savannah gets me excited. And I think that there's material kind of more the veep direction Ray or tearing down the artifice around these narratives that we've built in DC about how powerful and unflappable. They all are. I think you could do it. I haven't seen anybody. Do it very well tough thing is like there was a basis for that. Like, we've all seen the west wing. We've all seen like White House show. Mr. head is funny. No one knows space force. Like, I said is on the surface funny. Like just the idea of it is hilarious words are funny. Spady? Yeah. So I'm just curious of how they're going to execute. And I share your concerns. I'm going to naturally be disappointed because it isn't the office space. Right. Like, I'm gonna want Steve Carell to Michael Scott. And he's not gonna be. That's what we all. Hope is as the office with this absurd setting. Right. Right, right. Michael Scott worked his way into into knowing enough about watching Steve Carell acting roles over the years and comedic acting roles. Bruce almighty and others like it's just kind of going. I think as soon be tough. I mean, you ever see the wire I saw the wire like first and then like to see some of those characters appear in other shows with jarring right because they were such I Kana characters and they're like branded as such. And then you know to see him try to To be be like like. an actor to do other things. You're just kind of like, no, I don't believe this because you're you're you're Omar. Really thought about this. I'm sorry for the nerves it's caused you. It's an issue as much as Jesse has been thinking about how James Gordon ripped him off at space camp thing about this show. Just don't do it. Anyway, thinking about Bruce. Assigned me on Twitter Bruce heads. I know you're out there listening to you. Tasting around. My study throwing random bottles of brandy into my hearth and in a rage shouting the words corden into the night sky. So feel Karen it's been a long night. Hank vista this week, our friend, John Chris and fellow comedian trae Kindy kind of went viral with a video imagining what it would be like if bible characters had phones in the video. They're both dressed in ancient Roby garb. If your church churches putting on a bible play looking at their iphones while discussing recent social media activity by well-known, biblical figures. Here's a clip I just got a request from June s..

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