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Valenti of Covington Police said that a man was Lord tow her place on Belcourt. Now I've not been to Belcourt. And if I have myself and the people's judge move to Covington and may not be at Belcourt, but nonetheless, he was Lord to Belcourt on a tender app, which Tony Bender tells me is a place where people mate engaged in sexual activities. I wouldn't use it myself. I'm surprised Tony Bender knows about it. But nonetheless. It was Lord there on tender. I guess they have personal relationships and kind of described what happened. And he Peyton Manning there, man. Lord, there became the shooter. And maybe he's free of charge is explain what happened. Well, First of all, this is why Tony Bender needs to be careful when he's fine. Now his state's on tender and going to meet them without knowing who they are Belcourt dangerous thing that can happen now. Belcourt, located in the city High Housing Project will it's pretty sure that's not what we're looking for your multi million dollar condo. However, there are plenty of good folks that live up there in that house project. His women apparently wasn't wanted because she conspired with two individuals. They're still receiving treatment for their gunshot wounds that they received over there getting treated over Universe. Cincinnati hospital. These folks, you know, plan this robbery where they would loot the sky over Miss Women's apartment. And apparently these two gentlemen, not really. Gentlemen. These two suspects jumped into the apartment and started attacking the man she lured over there on the tinder app. And they forgot to check and make sure that this fellow was unarmed. But more than that, really, that's called karma. That's karma. Needless to say, trying to rob someone that is, in fact carrying a firearm themselves. Um, doesn't work out so well, very often, especially when you're bringing nothing but your fist to a gunfight. So, um, you know, it's obvious way Don't like to have any shooting known Captain County. But if we're going to have shootings, I would prefer that it would be Robert's getting shot as opposed to war abiding citizens. So you don't have to worry about it. We still got plenty of good conduct for you all within walking distance to smell part. Probably cheaper and much bigger than anything. You didn't Cincinnati anyway, Willie, so we're still welcoming you. We still have the red carpet rolled out to come on home. Well, that's where I was born. And my family Erlanger, nails mayor. But as I understand, Peyton Manning walks in the back door. And she locked the back door behind him and and then she walks through the front door opens the front or income, the two robbers thinking they got an easy mark. Who's not going to call the police? Because maybe he shouldn't have been there at all? And they punched him. He falls down as he's falling down, He pulls out old Betsy and old Betsy suddenly as six bullets going the other direction. And these two guys were shot. And then he comes out that hits 911 and the Covington police. Brian Valentino has got to say, all right, we'll be right there, and so they came and talked to him. And it all checked out. It didn't will it from one of heard from the police. So far, everything about this individual story made sense. It all came together. They got some statements from witnesses that corroborated his statement. Heywood Sports, right. Dr. After he fired the shots and injured the two would be robbers. He did exit the apartment called 900 himself and tell me exactly what happened course That's what law abiding citizens due to smoke against law about defending yourself, and he used Kentucky's self defense laws and stand your ground law to his advantage. And as far as these two assailants are they gonna pull through it or they won may not know it. But getting shot and living is not necessarily a good thing because it is extremely painful and life threatening. Injuries may continue for the rest your life or they're going to make it. I suspect that they will. At this point. I'm still waiting for a status update, but They were in university hospital. Last time I spoke with Covington police and I anticipated once they're released from the hospital. We will probably be discussing watch for their arrest. Now last late when you told me yesterday that I wanted for University of Cincinnati Medical Center And their ability to deal with gunshot victims. And they deal with about 4 to 600 a year, which is almost like Baghdad. But for that you have many more murders. Yeah, I think you know, we would have many more suitable shootings right now. And and this truth on both sides of the river, Willy. We have a lot of people get shot. You know, I've actually been out with the police before when they've responded to these calls, and I've seen somebody laying there on the sidewalk, and I'm thinking there's no way this guy's gonna pull through this. Sure enough, they take him over to you See Medical center and they patched him up. Put him back together and they lived through. Mello probably have life altering permanent injuries that they'll have to deal with for the remainder of their lives. They might be in wheelchairs. They might be brain damaged, all sorts of horrible injuries, but nevertheless they pick him up and put it back together. You see, And it's really amazing what those doctors do, I think They have several doctors that are participants in our military and have trained and actually worked on U. S soldiers and Marines that air gunshot victims overseas and put them back together, and that's exactly where they get a lot of good training. But really, it's mind boggling. How much worse are homicide rate would be If we didn't have such a class. I mean, total class Act Level one trauma center here in greater Cincinnati. They do a fantastic job. Lot more people alive now. Lastly, I spoke to one of the attorneys that represent one of the place officers. I don't want to be really specific, but it's either Jonathan Mattingly or Brett Hankerson or Miles Cosgrove. On March 13th those of the three cops who one of them or two of them fatally shot around. Taylor and this attorney for one of those three police officers told me they anticipate a decision. From Daniel Cameron, the attorney general of Kentucky, sometime in the next two weeks, and I would anticipate in those two week period time the law enforcement's gonna be notified that there might be difficulties in some communities with the decision..

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