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Not rich people are going to city hall to Baltimore border city hall get ready thank you thank you best of luck to you thank you I appreciate have the forty three times rather than waiting on the breeze now the update the king of all traffic trouble body would occur a big delay I ninety five north the accident at one seventy five in Howard County the word now from the state police right side right Blaine affected that the L. delays now looking at three thirty two and probably back towards re two sixteenths overcoming north you might want to split that up maybe take route one or the parkway north bound to get away from that big delays eight ninety five south as you're coming down from the urban Avenue ramp and eventually into the old harbor tunnel heavy traffic in the construction area ninety five is still slow but with the lanes open we're still just kind of moving along the very slow traffic into and then out of the toll plaza at the fort McHenry tunnel key bridge like brain some fault rare bay bridge construction area nothing major right now for the traffic on fifty west found there was a wreck earlier you might still see that at the rampant route thirty two at the B. W. parkway my check would occur with traffic and weather on the threes all talk radio six eighty WCBS where several local high committee of about fifty six degrees right now Baltimore has forty two degrees Catonsville will core thirty seven download thirty nine degrees talk radio six eighty W. C. B. and we are the morning drive and coming up next are feel good news segment of the day when you're looking to remodel your home waffle remodeling is a name to trust when you're looking for expert services with over fifty years combined.

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