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The right lane and crashed in the garden state parkway southbound right by exit one fifty that's still out there left lane is blocked really not causing that much of a delay and the crash in hackensack still going on route seventeen southbound right by summit avenue it's causing your on a ten minute delay here's what we see on long island's big three well the slammed again from glen cove road heading towards shelter rock road with a possible crash the northern state that's cleared up and the southern state parkway still moving slow from the meadow brook heading towards around ocean avenue from the winds transit desk a c n d train service that has resumed here's what you need to know about the bridges and the tunnels fifteen minutes away at the outer bridge crossing getting into staten island and construction of the brooklyn bridge both directions alternate lanes will be closed and that's going on till five am i'm rebecca missouri's our next report at ten thirty one on ten ten wins wins news time ten twenty two gone in the blink of an eye that's how griefstricken relatives described the tragic deaths of a teaneck man and his four daughters in a huge crash friday on a highway in delaware sixty one year old audi trinidad and his family were headed home to new jersey when their minivan was struck by a pickup truck going the wrong way on route one his brother daniel trinidad says the family is struggling to make sense of the tragedy what is the answer that we are looking for why did this happen to my brother who's a very good guy loves his family old straight you know everybody loves them classmates friends neighbors why the other victims identified as twenty year olds caitlyn seventeen year old dan i and thirteen year old twins melissa allison trinidad their mother fiftythreeyearold mary rose was the only survive however she has broken bones and other serious injuries but should be ok police in delaware still can't say why that truck crossed the median that driver and his passenger were treated and released from a local hospital a two alarm fire in brooklyn earlier today is taken the life of a ninety five year old woman flames reported just before three at a home in canarsie after the fire was put out the victim was found unconscious in the basement police say she's been identified as an barthelemy another person in a firefighter were also hurt but not seriously no 'cause known yet for that fire but police don't think it was anything suspicious wins news time ten twenty three president trump expected to announce his nominee to succeed retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy on monday and the suspense is building is correspondent david wright reports scrunch time now for the president's supreme court nominee they're huddling this weekend the president consulting with the vice president over dinner friday night and now they're way candidates the president says he's likely to pick from the shortlist of people that he has talked to you about a hand full of people among the names top on the list are judge brett have of the dc circuit judge raymond catholic of the six circuit and judge amy barrett of the seventh circuit president trump plans to make the announcement monday evening from the east room and the white house wins news time ten twenty four well turns out batman isn't just for kids or a comic book fans let's go cow batman is four scholars well apparently this fall the university of baltimore will offer a course called the evolution of batman it'll be taught by stephen leiva an awardwinning poet spoke to ten ten wins.

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