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CBS News special report two breaking news stories this hour in two world capitals in Washington CBS News has learned that President Biden will nominate judge ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court CBS Edo Keith has more This is the fulfillment of a campaign pledge not only to a key political ally but to a big voting block of the Democratic Party Black women have been the most loyal demographic to the Democratic Party since the 1970s And there's been an acknowledgment as the president his aides and others have discussed that it's a shame that no black woman has ever served on the high court Again President Biden has nominated judge ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court the other breaking news this hour Phone footage said to show Russian armored vehicles entering the suburbs of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv the Russians claim falsely They've moved in to stop a Nazi genocide But Ukraine's Jewish president says he will be target number one for the Russian forces CBS News special report on vickie Barker It's now 9 23 in WTO P has learned that fairfax county police are close to charging Anthony Eugene Robinson in the death of Cheyenne Brown of the district Now this morning the head of the shopping cart killer investigation says he's optimistic that charges will be brought in connection with both local victims We met with our county prosecutor as recent as several days ago Major Eddie Carroll head of the fairfax county major crimes bureau says police can place Anthony Robinson in the area where Stephanie Harrison's remains were found They're still looking for more evidence and witnesses to connect him with both Harrison and Cheyenne Brown Police have said they do have metro surveillance video of Robinson with brown on the day she was last seen This is a case that takes us out of Virginia It's taken us to New York and Pennsylvania There's no stopping what we will do to find out where mister Robinson went and what he did and who he came in contact with Well check the numbers with Jeff clay bar coming up It's 9 24 This is Ronnie mobis There is always somebody new trying to imitate merv diamond importers That's because Murphy is the leading.

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