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You my beloved nephew. You bowl in confined safe environment. You write him indeed. Didn't even crack a smile. They were going. They were going at each other. They were syrian. Money's on down no. The boy had to slough people's bad. I'm going to stay with dow lines. He say he used to bowl and five different leagues. I'm going without and Douse the best bowler in this room. Right now. literally scott said he. He'll put up some of his car. We want to see you. Both robert davison. He says she can bow apis she used to be on. No no no. I believe you kim bo. I'm not saying you can't bowl. But not like darrow. Dow hitting strikes after after strikes after strikes. He he did a half an hour strikes lisa head to head with them. Can god you people you ask if they can own account live videotape. That's a great suggestion. I wanna see this why you don't believe them because people always talk smack we make because competition because they don't know why because once the yael back because that's what we do no one wants the yael darrow right now. No one wants the yield. Douse the best bowler right now. He proved it yesterday. Now everybody instead of saying yeah. He's the best bowler. But i i don't think so. Let them let them have his glory right now and then you go now. You say he can he bo. Hey lakisha girl leave when the last time you. Oh he didn't bowl in seven years so leave you tell me the last three months ago and you bet you got a process darrel bowl seven years out of strikes. You started closing. His eyes glued brought. The dow was about the step to all right. We would like oh wait. I know i don't know. Lean and abe is god. Bless you yes you can bow. And i'd probably in the lead you better than i do. Of course i both. And i get it. But we doubt. Daryl not only was he doing a curve ball thing he was doing it from both sides of the leans. Hey does that i was. I was practicing my left handle. Who does that continue. Let's say i'm good. But i'm rusty okay. Darrow that's rusty there west shoe right. Wha- what's your prime time bowling must have been a therapy for you. Who else between the biggest says. She loved bowling. average was about one forty. That's like sean say she only bowl to twenty average okay. that's good. yeah put as i say. I say is denise bose better than my beloved nephew. I all about seventy five games. Yeah like a hundred and something between both games. Yeah that was like the average ruben. The next one is december eighteenth. So it's something that we're going to we're going to find is everything we'll put it out there so if you guys in the area gain wanna come on out come on time which we taken over the whole twenty four lanes yes who else. S fry all lanes diane hall. We said a diane hoh in the bill dyer. Where we diane. What's going on diane. This was an eastern. You live in the poconos would happen. Why were you there. Diane i need you and mark at the next event. Then that's it you podcast king has spoken. Diane is here all the way from the top. I need your ass you and your husband and your child in everybody. Terrible lee scott howson. He'll be at the next one possum british get your ass out here word provider. We normally it was not the weather is still okay here. In december you like january february sunny come on out and there's just a regular cold day difference from new york. This is a regular cold as a regular codenames buildings out there. that's it more murders. Tiffany hate buildings former. Was that more. China's joins oh the godfather. Sola tracy raised here. And hey tracy she said diane hall says sorry we were. They were entertaining. They had company all right. Well the next one is december. We need you to building. God bless you we put it out there now is in december so you guys oh and julius. They'll be there also. We've put it out in asking you. Bobo borders calendars calendars. And you know what is give this message. Back to stacy you can have stacey jackson jackson cafe. You can have daryl. 'cause we got deuce and we're going be a couple more players. We got those so. We only want to do. Because i want to win. We want one to less around. We one yes we want. Because i was young. Played the third game by yourself. Why was six. Oh seven almost seven in that we won we bust asked that second game. Thanks to sean. Oliver trevelise seventeenth eighteenth. Whatever sunday that is come on down. Hey good cover charity. Don't do us any. Why are you saying like this. You know him like that. I'm no longer than you Yeah don't tread tread out here with grind man. Entertainment was twelve years old. When you're talking but now they are competitive. So you're down. Get your ten doing this for charity. We're good trevor. Involved with the poconos to charity. Go who else dan. Yeah williams here. Hey danielle good.

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