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That's why he has been arrested. Arrested today in Connecticut. By the Postal Service police how, ironically considering they've been in the news lately? Charge along with three other men for swindling donors who supported a private effort to build sections of the wall along the US Mexico border. Bannon and the three other men were indicted by a federal grand jury in New York and charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. That brings the Postal Service into it. Money laundering in connection with roles in this nonprofit group. We build the wall. Prosecutors allege that Bannon is now 66 years old. And may I just say not in the best of health? Well, no, I shouldn't say that. I don't know. It just kind of looks like a walking preexisting condition. They alleged that he diverted $1 million raised by the group. So million out of 25. To another organization he controlled and then spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on donor funds for his personal expenses, probably on those expensive barber jackets. Those are great jackets. It's a great great product, by the way. Terrific product, Barbara Jackets. Anyway, the president said, and I'm going to play a couple clips and we're gonna get to our guest. The president said. This was saying very Sayid today. What happened? Well, I feel very badly. I haven't been dealing with him for a long period of time. So that you know, it's just gather used to get coffee, apparently, but he has said he said, Look, I didn't even like the idea of this group. This is a governmental effort. Building the wall. Private industry should not be involved. Here is a president. I know nothing about the project other than I didn't like When I read about it. I didn't like it. I said, this is for government. This isn't for private people watching imposed broke the story. Here's the writer who was part of that Philip Bump will also run an additional story. Each of the three people who lead Trump's 2016 campaign have now face criminal charges. Let's get to that a little bit later on, Philip, Welcome, double the elsewhere. I believe this is our first visit, isn't it? I think it is. Well, thank you for your time. I know you've been busy all day long. I understand that Steve Bannon has been released. What? $3 million bail. Live in my understanding, You know, five maybe ingress, and I thought that now it's a fluid situation. Obviously, the president I mentioned called. It's sad, the White House my understanding correct me if I'm wrong, they said. The president. The White House doesn't know any of the other people involved in this. I guess they're speaking specifically to the other three people who were arrested the same day. Steve Bannon was. Can you give us a quick tutorial on those three? Yeah, That's my understanding someone. His name is cold, and I cannot sure I pronounce it is a veteran who was a partner. He's one of one of the faces forward. Looking faces of this a lot of his organization. Heywood's been the ones was actively involved. Doing a lot of fundraising out of the third partner has mentioned as well, who was implicated. It's really the focus off the indictment. If you look at is really in compassion and Bannon There is, however, as you alluded their galaxy about people tangentially involved in helping to promote it, not necessarily recouping any of you have gotten gains. But Donald Trump Jr one point time promoted Kris Kobach was secretary of State of Kansas. He had helped promote It won't one time. So it was really this institution within that is the right conservative, right? He really was a focal point. A lot of energy that people had about wanting to build a wall. They they apparently took advantage of that, allegedly criminally in line drawn pocket. Did the man that was also indicted along with Bannon. Today he ran a variety of websites, news websites that essentially exist to collect people's email addresses for solicitation of donations to political You know, politicians and political parties and advocacy groups. I mean, you know, this is the game that's being played right now is to build up thes donor lists or people that respond to certain news. But those were shut down, and then he moved into this. It is, um I understand. This is a least according to the Southern District of New York. U. S Attorney's Much garden variety fraud and ah, ah, exploited in people's sending in checks that are ostensibly used for a nonprofit Yeah. I mean, that's what the allegations. It really is. If they set up the shell companies were moving money around. They actually talked ESPN. Why alleged to have text messages between the more they talk about trying to hide this money, But I will say that when you say garden variety intentions, very garden variety to established You know, sketching news organizations are bailing less particularly and on the right in which people are asked to give money. This isn't a problem for years, and it's been a warm standing problem news cycle after news like elections like last election cycle that people have taken evangelist A lot of party organizations for 10 and 2010 12 14 that did the same thing took advantage. Had people sending money say they were going to spend a month camping, and they just kept the money for themselves won. The challenge here is that this was extensively nonprofit. That is particularly problematic but then also that they made representations that their money, but they didn't And they said. For example, all the money goes toward building walls that turn your phone just 90 degrees and see if we get a little better cell reception. You mentioned Kris Kobach, but also very princes in here, Sheriff David Clarke. You mentioned Donald Trump Jr They offered testimonies and support of the organization. Trump Jr participated in a fundraiser for the last year. You know, Bannon, he's easy was a Uh, a very smart man. There's no doubt that Steve Bannon is a very, very bright guy. You know, a Navy officer made a ton of money with Goldman Sachs went on known part of Castle Rock Seinfeld money got involved in the gaming industry. I mean, How do you not check the documents here and say Whoa, Before we solicit money from people are apt to send it to us because the migrant caravan is bearing down on the southern border. We can't do it this way because we're going to get a sticky wicket unless we spend money. We can't take any of this money. He seems too smart to be involved in something like this. What's your take? I mean, look a Yeah. I mean, you're right. They this is someone who is already very wealthy signs overblown continues to pay him a ton of money every year Sort of remarkably, But there's just one bite Bart Bart to your point about news organizations that are somewhat sketchy, in which you know existed sort of collect information and make money. How's the parts business model towards and so is, you know, in that he had no qualms about that. So you know the extent to which, obviously, Steve Bannon also plays a central conservative politics has for several years, which is obviously very legitimate investigation, But it is not the case that prevented him from doing things that were otherwise dubious. You think the president and the president really Steve Bannon's the man that really rescued his campaign? I believe Manafort did. They gave him some of the convention halo effect, but Bannan's the guy that told No, no. You double down on this. Even after the access Hollywood tape port, you only were doubling down and and you know he was there with him in the tower when the results came in that November day of 2016. It's like you're going to win this thing. He left the White House. Obviously, there was some trouble there. Between Priebus and Bannon and others. But It's my mind..

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