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Toilets flush the showers, but why are we spending taxpayer money to fix a dishwasher that is a dishwasher is not a necessity while I think it's more of an issue with bad plumbing. If that's the case fix that. Yeah. The dishwashers not not believe me. I lived for many many years without a dishwasher other than these two small hands right here. Sarah is in west Austin this morning, Sarah, good morning morning, guys. Okay. Three comment. Just number one. The caller who was ranting before the commercial. Where was he when Hillary had her own set up a an illegal server with national security information? Waving his flag saying to throw her in jail. It infuriates me here. We brought up hanging on me catcher by your day story CNBC Washington Post this morning indicates that about five hundred rooms were rented by the Saudi government starting lobbyist. They moved their hotel reservations from one hotel to the Trump hotel shortly after the election spent about three hundred thousand dollars and a couple of callers said that's a constitutional violation. The president should be locked up right which Sarah has called in to set the record straight. Do. I appreciate this arrest can go right ahead. My second one. My second one is is the fact that listening to people talk about the repairs that need to be done on their house. I am all for you know, social programs that help people, but the fact that somebody sits there and expect me to pay for their house again, it's just creating this bigger nanny state, and it just. Sure. I remember three Cam better. Can't. I mean, I Don Don is no no he's not hold onto that man. I mean, he he might trade her in one day find somebody who knows along better. Never let some at golfing. Go to watch with your husband dot is like one zero one. That's that's basic marriage rule. Rana what? I understand that brilliant can't something's better than nothing. But I mean. I'm just saying that Sarah. I think I think done this long the line is long to hook up with dawn. Oh, gosh. Oh, the line is. You're cruel lady. Yeah. It is she spot on. She knows you very well. It sounds. I don. Yes. I've been listening for many years here. And you know, he's trouble. And you know, something could go wrong easily. He put up his own personal life. I am. So glad finally a listener has realized the world I live in that. I work with the laziest horse co worker on planet earth. I don't. Yeah. Put up the Christmas lies because I don't want to risk my life. That's why if I do it. I'm gonna fall down. I think you're risking your lunch with the flirty ex-girlfriend who just got a divorce. I tell you. I'm telling you know, here's the deal. If you if you go if she orders, a Margarita, we're done it's done. I'm telling you, it's not that. I want to go. I'm I'm trying to come kind of debating is it a good? It's probably not a good idea. Not that. I don't trust myself. I do not that Kim doesn't trust me. She does not that is going to be an issue. It's just at the very least it's probably just going to look bad. I don't think you're going to survive. I'll survive it. I'll survive. I'm really worried about it's only an hour out of my life. Where where are you going to go for lunch Long John silvers? Oh, fine. Dining the you. Put the malt on the on the face. You do that you shake the liquid malt. I'm a catch it, man. I got show catch him. Check this up. This is on linked in. I'm gonna go ahead and share this on my Lincoln pages. Well, because folks need to need to read this gets we'll get some idea of what we're talking about here. This story is now posted on Paul Sadan is linked in account mine is at Todd Jeffries, and I just shared his his his post is he's a former Austin school board member think he's Paul. He's he's the he's the I think he's the president of the of the founder of Saldanha public relations. I'm sure I'm serious. He got the same last name. Well, he posted something about our schools, our property taxes is you know, we talked about this yesterday about that meeting between the AST county. Commissioners and city council members talking about cracking down, or at least going to the state there in the next session to talk about school. Finance your Robin Hood, fix pulsa, Donna he posted a comment here. He says leaders from all levels of. Government in central Texas, plus most of the area school district's learned Wednesday that they could be in for budgetary hitch. If state lawmakers passed limits on local property tax increases without restructuring the state's funding system for public education. Now, the symposium at the Austin convention center saw most the Austin city council and Travis county commissioners court, plus the current recently elected state reps and members of various associations that gather for a series of presentations about the consequences of the state so-called recapture system. Yes, robinhood, yes. Which redistributes school property taxes from high income areas to shore up state funding for education and other areas. Poor school districts now among the concerns is a plan proposed by governor abbot would limit annual property tax increases to two point five percent annually instead of the roughly seven percent that has been typical in the Austin area in recent years. I want you to comprehend what he's talking about here. And what the county Commissioner Bridget Shays talking about here. They want to raise your taxes beyond two point five percent every year without your permission. The governor wants to put a cap on it. And if they want to go above that cap, then they would have to go to the voters to get the tax payers permission to raise their taxes. In other words, the governor wants to give the power back to tax payers on how to fund public schools in this case, Paul Sedona, the county commissioners, they're really concerned that state lawmakers the governor's going to strip away the power they have to dig a little deeper and your wallet. Todd, Don show. Housecall pro you gotta know about this..

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