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PM hour Dan Taylor How about you when yourself a, wonderful vacation? For two Key West Florida gorgeous Qiwei are they Emily's been? There. A couple. Of times in town yes. Had been. There have been a marathon it's wonderful. You know what. Bothers me about that it's wonderful, lengthwise but when you wanna, go wide Not much A lot of good golf courses on, key west Oh yeah. You, go up the? Keys or some way of yeah so what. Everything there's so much to do. There further down you get the less there is it's like it's it's like nowhere else in the United States a little bit like, a tiny, New Orleans, has, just got Blake wonky wonderful, atmosphere great restaurants seafood, there's plenty, of seafood restaurant. All kinds of restaurants, great beaches it's just amazing. It is exactly eight fifty four. At CBS FM this. Is a pretty cool kid he's three years old And, he sang, the national, anthem, the other night had the, preseason game for the, patriots in, the eagles his. Parents are police officers, for the Boston police department. Is name as Garrett Spence keep. In mind he's three Give me a. Forever right Lost on that. One All. Right Garrett. That's great thank you Missouri w Home.

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