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Not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them. Sam. I am his videos went viral during the quarantine West tank is his name. He's from Wisconsin. He reads Dr Seuss books. Beat the box to Dr Dre beats Dr Susan Dr Dre, the pairing turned out to be such a hit. He now has millions of people following him liking his video sharing his videos, and a lot has happened since then, let's talk to West Tank. He's joining us Now. I assume you're still in Milwaukee and less. Now that you're big time you've moved to L. A West. How are you this afternoon? What's going on? Hey, and I'll be going. I'm yes in Milwaukee. Apparently nice. How's it in Milwaukee right now. It called, you know Julie out, but, you know Make it work. They cozy and our sweaters. Have you had your US soup fan West. We're talking about that earlier that this is the time we've been Westerners kind of turn, and they say, I need some soup soup, Chili's comfort food. Oh, yeah. Chili from some good vegan chili or some carrot, ginger, but type type soups. Prostitutes love that. Up here. E would ask you to rap about suits, but I won't right now because you can rap about anything. Apparently, when you first did this, it's like, unbelievable because you're just you're you're literally reading the Dr Seuss books and I played this. My daughter. She loves it. I have a doctor friend of mine share it with me, and he says he was sitting there after a long day of work. You know, one day and you just watching your videos. I mean, it brought so much joy. It really is just It's just a ton of fun. Like, what are you hearing from folks who are enjoying all of what you're doing? Thank you know, the doctor suits wraps are something I've been doing for a number of years, but just finally put it up on line. You know, when I was kind of Look at home and nothing else to do. So put those up, and I was just overjoyed with like the response you know worldwide didn't didn't really ever expected to go that far. Um and yeah, been awesome. You said worldwide So you're hearing from people globally of a reaching out to say stop to you? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, the first was was really Australia. I went on the today show in Australia. And then all the sudden I was hearing from people out there and you, Zeeland and Japan and, ah lot of people. A lot of our YouTube traffic is from the U. K in Canada. Um And yeah, it's uh, definitely been worldwide and since then I've started the show on Kidoodle TV, which is out of Canada. And they're very big in Australia's well, I guess and all around the world really? So we can check out your story wraps on to Doodle Doodle TV is on YouTube present on broadcast television. They're actually their own streaming station that especially for kids, and they're kind of like on Netflix for kids. But you know, very highly curated very, very much space for kids things. They're all chosen by parents and grandparents. And so it's all very much kid friendly. Okay, but it's not just the kids enjoying your Dr Seuss. Is it because these were shared friends don't even have kids. They're like, Hey, check this out. I mean, they're all they're all kind of getting into it. Yeah, you know, like it's been cool to see. I mean, the pending parents grew up on Dr Seuss. And you know a lot of people that are my age group on Dr Dre as well. And they love to be able to share that with their kids and enjoying themselves, you know, with a little bit of a different, lyrical approach. And you know, so there's that nostalgia of Dre and sues for people and then introducing it to their kids. So I get a lot of videos of photos of parents sending their current showing their kids and, you know Watching it together last week. Hang on a second. We could play a little piece of one more of your works. Yeah, Let's go. Story element. Obey story wraps you already do you wear sari wrapped something you like quiet, They story rest. So that's just the injured. I think this story raft, which is what you're talking about what you do. I mean, it's just take such simple things and you just make it so enjoyable. I heard that you're the first thing you did was one fish. Two fish, red fish blue fish. Is that true? That wasn't the first one. But I did do it fast. And tox was the first and that one kind of Somebody posted it on Reddit, and it's sort of shot up the charts on Reddit, and then it was trending on YouTube. And then it got picked up by the national media. And it was it was All over the place. Yeah, that point and and I kept. I kept doing one a week. While I was doing the Dr Seuss stuff. And, um, eventually I got reached out to by the people that do the actual licensing of Dr Seuss stuff online. And now those videos are all of us. Actually on the official Dr Seuss Page. Um so you can check him out there now, Um, e thought that could have gone the other way was I thought it was gonna go the other way they reach out to you and say, Wait a minute. God, man who's profiting and making so much notoriety over our work, So they were cool with that, though it sounds like they're partnering with you. Yeah, they were really cool, You know? And, um, when I first they first reached out to me via Instagram, actually, my my instagram account God. DM from the official doctor Schutte account was like, give us a call, and I was like, Oh boy does either these they're really bad or really good. So it turned out to be good and Um, Several months later, we got everything worked out and There upon the stage, and you can see West Tank in the Dr Seuss sponte, which was kind of cool to see. They did some nice little graphic design on the some nails and They're all up there, and it's an official collaboration. Now that is so. So cool. I mean, could you ever have imagined Oh, I didn't. I did not expect that. You know, Now, now the next step is collaborating with Dr Dre. So we gotta work that out. Wow. Putting that out there. Put it out there. Yeah, Why not? I mean, you're on your way it seems like and I know that you had to some interviews with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and some other folks and In Wisconsin. There that you some offers air coming your way to collaborate and do other things right? You've got suddenly you're really sort of things were taking off. Yeah. Yeah, We have some big things in the works here locally with my production company tank. Think, um, where we have some really cool partnerships. We've been. We've been partnering with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and with the baby Grand Children's Museum. That's actually not announced yet, But I feel like Chicago's probably that's okay to say it, you guys but Yeah, just some really cool of really cool things in the works. Right now We have two more YouTube series coming up going to be doing just some likes more straight up reading books of all different authors. A lot of people have sent me their books. And there's some other books that I'm excited to read and Sort of like a little more but tone down on version for like before bed, you know, story time type style. Instead of a big amped up like readings, song wraps himself so Sounds like it's a great idea. We need the wind down stuff. His parents. We appreciate that kind of stuff. You know, the books that remind you it's Goodnight. Goodnight, Moon. Very popular. I mean, you know, you know all the ones that kind of calm you down. Very, very, very popular you're doing you did fox and socks, green eggs and ham. The laura axes. Great people should check that out on YouTube. Is that where we find most of your stuff? West? Is it on YouTube Now? Are you on this other? Doodle TV, Or is it where? Where do we go? Yeah, all of the stuff that we're doing on.

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