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Riton house. You want to avoid this completely a lotta people taking walnut instead. Kelly. Dr Still has a partial closure as well. And that's between hunting park and Lincoln Drive Manny off Main Street between shares Lane and Ridge. There still flooding there. I know they're popular shortcuts for people. So now we'll go to the big problem with the Vine Street Expressway. Both directions close between the Scougall Expressway and Broad Street. Everybody waiting on the westbound Vines Expressway approaching Broad Street. You could be sitting there for about 15 minutes. We've got westbound vehicle Expressway jammed up from after Rivera all the way out to vie in ST Expressway and then eastbound from Gerard it down to the Vine Street Expressway very slow because people realize you can't get on their getting out to the Walt Whitman Bridge. Heavy eastbound after past young mind will just say it all the way out to the Walt Whitman Bridge. At this point, there is construction on the bridge, and when you get a mid span, it looks pretty good. Not seeing any problems with the Tony Palmyra Bridge. Now major New Jersey roads like 40 to 55 to 95. We really don't see any serious delays on any of those will come back to P Ay, where Route one South about approaching the Pennsylvania Turnpike, traffic is jammed up there. That's due to construction. 30 westbound near the 82 on ramp. That's the bypass. That is a traffic is jammed up there, too. We're hearing that there's some work going on. Mass transit. We have SEPTA regional rails. The media Elwin, Lansdale, Doylestown Paley, Thorndale in West Trenton Lines. Traffic is starting to get back to normal. They're accepted dot or for any more details. If you're a caregiver and feel uncertain about where you're working now, Patriot home here can help you there accepting new clients and caregivers remotely and virtually during this time. Patriot is here to help our seniors and our caregivers visit Patriot harm home care dot org's Today in the K Y w 24 hour traffic Center I'm Stevie Reese Sunshine today with a high of 88 degrees down to 72 tonight under partly cloudy sky in the NBC 11th alert forecast for tomorrow while the.

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