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I it cannot continue if they're twenty six penalties a game. I think there were more penalties called in the Thursday night game that we had an eighty game last year. That's how many penalties we saw call. And I thought it was a combination of two things I thought it was a combination of sloppy play. And I get I mean looking back at it with there a few calls that maybe I say, I'm not a in agreement with the illegal contact on Jordan Hicks that extended the game. And a lot of the calls were pretty obvious. I mean, the facemask call. That I think was on a punt return was an obvious. Call. There was a pass interference. The PI on Zakar. It's was kind of iffy. I don't know about that one. I mean, I can't go through every freaking call. We'll be here for an hour and a half with the amount of penalties that were called. But remember this about the amount of penalties? We saw Thursday night. Not a one was the new helmet rule. Not one. And now is the thing we fear the most. So I think a lot of what we saw in a lot of what we're going to see tomorrow. A lot of it is going to be sloppy playing Carl banks made a great point yesterday with me that a lot of it is these guys are just not ready for the start of the year with the new rules that we have in the CBA guys just aren't ready. So to answer your question. I think week one's going to be ugly. I would think we who's going to be ugly. I think eventually it's going to be what it is. But it was it was tough to watch Thursday night. And you're right. I think we were so excited for football. We add a competitive game. We had a game at came down to one last play from the five yard line. I mean think about it. You can't write a better script than that. So I think we were jaded by our excitement for football. And the fact that it was a game that came down to its last play that may be for a little bit. We look past the ugliness of that football game. More your calls coming up plus address the David ridership..

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