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Three five three twenty four twenty three at Chet Benson show is your Twitter over to join ME delivery from all of you love hate and everything in between we're good just remember for going to have a discussion of let's make a discussion and insulting people to start off a conversation usually doesn't go very far truth Gillian Anderson not join it keeps Jillian Michaels so far today it's a Jillian Barbary who is not Jillian Michaels and Gillian Anderson who get is not her but Jillian Michaels said that PC cultures ridiculous special way we look at obesity and and this whole body positive thing it is ridiculous and it's it's not healthy and I agree but you can't in this day and age look all of us could lose a little bit of weight let's not pretend that we can't I myself hence the reason why to revitalize and I feel much better than I felt in a very long time I was looking at yesterday video of myself from like three four years ago and then I was I got I feel so much better and look so much better than I than I used to and thank god for that but the reality is is I did feel positive but now we got this whole cheering on thing it's like oh yeah it's great it's wonderful so just deal with it no I knew what I needed to do it and I did it I was working really hard I was living in a situation where I was eating out every single day because my my conceded that I was staying at did even have a kitchen for like five years I basically every single day wasn't healthy a stop playing sports I kind of just moved away for that and I hyper focused and now I'm back to working out all the time vital I stop and eat some of it's just a better thank but we've got my six our pal life and now coming from TLC's a new dating show where you can enjoy the larger ladies this season I'm not I'm on hold me in that it would be difficult to find love if I was happy I'm actually nervous I always had this idea like I didn't deserve laws because.

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