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Hey Cooper we come back Elizabeth Warren your former girl I'm over her we've broken up yeah apparently that is a common sentiment because now she is at our free fall like we have not seen in this democratic primary season will tell you how bad it is that's next on seven ten W. O. R. today we all give thanks and raise a toast to all the great gifts of American life happy thanksgiving from seven ten W. O. R. and I heart radio stations it is fifty five degrees at seven o'clock good evening I'm Lisa Matteo a manhunt is underway after five people are shot in the Bronx two of them children cops say it happened around four o'clock this afternoon in Melrose section at Cortland Avenue in east one hundred fifty third street authorities say the youngest victim is ten years old the others include a fifteen year old boy a nineteen year old woman a twenty year old man and a thirty six year old woman the rest of the hospital in stable condition tonight thousands are flocking to the Upper West Side to check out the thanksgiving day parade balloon inflation and these kids were happy to see their favorite character the bomb thank you who doesn't love SpongeBob yeah but with high winds expected tomorrow will they fly here's mayor bill de Blasio this city of York in your thoughts and prayers of the wind will stay calm and will be a let these balloons fly we're hopeful we're hopeful our colleague from the NYPD and office emergency management make the big decision early in the morning if the winds are too strong it will be the.

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