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And even if it's not about the filming we've talked about this it's like do you wanna marriage you wanna wedding right you know. And if you're hurting his feelings it's not that i don't think someone you know we've said this she's Through it does. She deserve a nice party. Shore like at what cost. And i just think she it did take kanye is i will say in this instance a good friend for sort of holding up a mirror and saying this is what it sounds like. This is what it looks like and sometimes need that. And i'm glad that even though in the moment cynthia was upset i think she did start to get it. Yeah no absolutely. And i do think that. Cynthia deserves the big wedding that she wants. Absolutely especially given everything that's happened in the past but you can have. Both you can have a small ceremony. Mary mike on ten ten twenty. So you have your perfect day. You've got your perfect marriage. And then when this whole pandemic that is so unpredictable and difficult for everyone to deal with like then have the party later on. So i just i feel for her in this situation but i think she needs to. She needs to come back to reality a little bit now. I will say that's where me agreeing with kenya in in this episode. Yes same here. I cannot believe kenya anything. Negative to say about what porsche is doing. Has anyone talk.

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