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Like a factory and we completely missed that there are literally trillions of microbes in teaspoon of soil most of which we don't know what they are let alone understand what they do that are doing things for us that we can never do for selves and that you got it we got a lean on those in front of a book called pharmacology about how the microbiome of the soil and our microbiome are all interdependent so okay now before we close i want to get into politics from it because a lot of the practices that were engaging now whether it's soil mining or raising cattle and feedlots or the way we handle our oceans and fisheries these are these are driven by policies so how would you see the policy shifting to support the right kind of sustainable in regenerative types of of agriculture and animal husbandry well it's very live issue right now because the farm bill just got really you know the draft farmville just got released and we'll be debated over the next few months and it's a disaster it might not surprise you they have taken out the draft that came out of the house which is unfortunately not fly but it took out the entire funding for conservation stewardship programs so a basic good idea yeah so a big driver for or a big support system for farmers like justin you know making that kind of radical change on your farm is not free you need different equipment you need you take a lot of risk because you're just figuring that out as you go and so what the the conservation stewardship program has done is tried to support farmers it's it's a fantastic program because it's performance based so you actually have to deliver environmental outcomes to get the payments and but what it does is it helps farmers get through these transitions and it rewards conservation so we definitely need people to be stuck using their voices i mean right now i think the single most sustainable thing you can do is use your voice as a citizen i mean our our environmental protections are under siege in so many directions that you know that upa new epa head or the new assistant who came who was a coal lobbyist who you know spend every waking hour trying to roll back protections against power.

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