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Upon which he had painted to black ovals and a long semi-circular curve a smiley face. Now it could be argued that the icon of a circle containing a smile is probably not even something a person can claim they invented most kids win scribbling out there. I stick figure cran drawings usually top those basic bodies with the smiley face and they do it instinctively. it's pure and simple and almost universal but harvey ball was the first to see its potential as morale-booster and maybe even the first to put those black lines on a yellow background and his insurance company clients was even more pleased with it. They had one hundred buttons made with the image on it and management past the buttons out to employees whenever they noticed someone was smiling while they worked and with that the floodgates burst wide because neither harvey nor his clients ever trademarked the image. Just about everyone. With an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit started to make and sell all manner of merchandise with the smiley face upon it posters. Check t-shirts check coffee. Mugs you bet and harvey. Oh he didn't mind. Honestly how ironic. Wooded of ben if the guy who invented the smiley face took the world to court over the use of such an iconic symbol no harvey just sort of rolled with it. He sold reproductions of his original painting. He did signings at conventions and even started a charity. A world smile foundation amazingly even the paycheck for that. Original design job was less than ideal and yet harvey never complained after all his client had promised to pay him for his time. And that's exactly what they did. Forty five dollars for ten minutes worth of work. I hope you've enjoyed today's guided tour of the cabinet of curiosities. Subscribe for free on apple podcasts or learn more about the show by visiting curiosities. Podcast dot com. The show was created by me. Aaron monkey in partnership with how stuff works. I make another award. Winning show called lor which is a podcast book series and television show and you can learn all about it over at the world of lor dot com and until next time stay curious..

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