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Contract Cove ID You then might also have this myocarditis, which I mean, you're very being is affected, because the heart is arguably the most important organ. So what would you say to people? A cz Faras is far in Faras following protocol and and moving forward and trying to be as healthy as possible. Is it Follow all the protocols. And I mean is there any medications are vitamins or anything that you can take that kind of beef? You're hard up. So even if you get covered, maybe you're not impacted on this level. I don't believe that there's any way to prevent Mark provided. There's no, not really any medicine that you can take to prevent this from happening. If you're Indian, Justin, the better. Hopefully, your chances of contracting that is a little bit less. No, not really. Even healthy. People who have perfect Indian house are being affected with my good ideas and actually, the reason it is very important to diagnose and treat my provided. Because it's not treated a perfectly in a timely manner. It can cause serious complications and can even be fatal. My credit again inflammation of the heart muscle, which can lead to three very serious condition. One is heart failure, which is because the inflammation causes the heart muscle. True. Weekend and reduce the heart's ability to pump reducing heart function, causing the patient to go into heart failure as second is cardiac arrhythmia. That this is the one that we really care about, especially for athletes at the inflammation can cause the heart to have erratic rhythm. Physically ventricular arrhythmia at such a ventricular tackle cardia or ventricular assist relation that can cause cardiac arrest. And third is cardiac tamponade. It's a condition that's caused by the inflammation, causing the heart muscle to become Vicky and cause fluid to build up in the pericardial space. Which is between the space between the heart and the fact that heart is encased with and this can lead to dangerous human dynamic compromise can be fatal. Sobering. Just absolutely fascinating information. Doctor. Thank you very much for sharing this morning, Dr Fahmi. Fairy cardiologists here on news radio. 6 10 W TVM looks.

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