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I'm Mary Corsetti. Fox News. President Biden's vaccine mandate issued last week is impelling Republican governors to fight against what they call federal overreach. The president last week said employers with more than 100 workers should require vaccinations or test workers. Weekly GOP governors say they'll fight that taking the president to court if they must. Nebraska Republican Governor Pete Ricketts on Fox News Sunday, said the president is forcing a choice between a job and the jazz. I've talked to people who have told me if they made me take the vaccine. I'm just going to be fired last week in response to threaten GOP lawsuits, the president told Republicans to have at it. Grenoble Scott Fox News. Meanwhile, Senator Joe Manchin, a Democratic senator, vital to the fate of President Biden is $3.5 Trillion plan for social and environmental spending, says he wants support even had that amount or the timetable envisioned for Passing it. Democrats have no votes, despair if they want to enact Biden's massive build back better agenda, with congressional committees working toward the target of Wednesday, set by party leaders to have the bill drafted Mansion is making clear that his view is there's no way and the beginning of President Biden's week will be spent in the West to speak on the recent wildfires and campaign for California's governor. President Biden on Monday, is stopping in Boise, Idaho, to tour the National Interagency Fire Center. And then he plans to tour wildfire damage around Sacramento, California before joining The state's governor, Gavin Newsom, in Long Beach for a rally nuisance facing a recall effort in part over his handling of the pandemic, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said last week the president's going to California because he remains popular there. Certainly we don't go campaign in states where we aren't wanted, but hopefully this will be helpful to the efforts of the governor, one of the most recent polls on the recall, done by U C. Berkeley and L A times in early September, found 60% of likely voters do not support recalling Governor Newsom boxes. Jessica Rosenthal America.

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