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I get it can't be tied even when they played we reached as much as certain people i i believe a reaching today so having said all that just to give it an ounce of validity if you're the patriots it's taking away brady if you're the brain trust right now and we know about and tells yep brampton belcher do you believe that you have to leave the door slightly ajar just a little bit or do you even reach out to him proactively and say hey listen here's the report here's what said talk to us be clear we have the draft in a week i think and i think this is a this is a craft discussion this isn't a this isn't a a check conversation i think this is robert kraft having a call because the reality is you're saying you have to make that call no doubt the reality is if tom brady's says tomorrow hey i'm done or let's say monday night i think i'm going to retire from the nfl want to spend more time with my family you know get tb twelve go whatever whatever it is they have one quarterback on the roster right now and it's brian lawyer and i understand that it's it would be imperative for them to draft a quarterback but where they're picking who are they getting you know what i mean you're not getting one of these elite prospects that were they were talking about potential prospects that we're talking about and even beside that if you can't get one of those guys and you gotta take a project you know like a luke falk or luleta whoever it is later in the later in the draft who starting quarterback for you next year apper nick i mean that's what you're starting to think about if you're the patriots and tom brady's not there were assuming tom brady's not their next week who is your starting always lament rating garoppolo that's going to go down as one of the dumbest things nfl teams ever because they lacked depth lack of a lack of viable starter and they lacked patients when they needed it most they develop this young player you know they crafted this incredible blueprint which would have been so transferable once tom brady retired and.

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