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Interview with joker conway that we just heard was recorded in nineteen eighty nine after the publication of her first memoir the road to coup rain regarding to continue our remembrance of her with the interview we recorded in nineteen ninety four after the publication of her second memoir true north about setting out for harvard alone leaving behind her suffocating family and a culture hostile to aspiring women for the first time she found friends she could talk to you without censoring her words or emotions and she found her niche as a scholar of women's history to her surprise she fell in love with and married the historian john conway even though she'd always thought that marriage was not for her i was such an anomalous person in my native australia and i think it would have been very difficult for me to fit into a convention australian marriage john conway was already a professional scholar he wasn't somebody who wanted a wife to make comfortable domestic environment for him he wanted a partner in thought of major intellectual tasks and that was a relationship that i thought i could handle i wasn't absolutely certain that i could ever sale into being the helping wife who's always typing her husband's manuscript and managing somehow the to create the right environment for somebody else to blossom early on into your marriage you realize that you both had a lot of mood swings you had always had depressions and you realized he had very serious depressions to and and you're right about doing some of those depressions he'd become almost unrecognizable quotas though a stranger had replaced my sensitive and loving husband with someone obsessed by demons of rage tormented by suspicion it must have been very unsettling especially early on when when you saw changes like that and on wondered you know who was becoming well you know i had grown up with a neurotic family and the thing that i think that gave me was the capacity to live through other people's moods and keep my own balance i wouldn't recommend that as a.

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