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Really great governors. Texas Great governor. Same thing. California the numbers away. Federal judge orders the Trump administration to stop placing immigrant Children in hotels by September 15th and get them out of those hotels as soon as possible. I'm Tim McGuire and new accusations. They just seem so sensational to me. They almost seem like if somebody who really, really didn't like Trump was going to make a cartoon of Trump. That's what those accusations would be. There's just so over the top AP News I'm to McGuire President Trump calls the Atlantic Magazine article about his alleged disdain for the military hoax. Nobody's done more for them. And then when I have to have a report read like that from a third rate magazine. That's not going to be in business much longer. I look at that, and I think it's a disgrace. The Atlantic says anonymous sources who were with Trump on a trip to France and 2018 heard him called the U. S dead and a World War, one cemetery suckers and loser. The AP has independently verified the Atlantic sources. Retired Green Beret Gold star husband Joe Kent, who shot this phone video says Trump was respectful of him when they met at Dover Air Force Base when his wife, Shannon's body arrived in 2019 by judging Trump's reaction when he came out to Dover. More received Shannon's remains. Um, I didn't get any kind of disrespect. I get revival of disrespect. Shannon Kent, A Navy chief Petty officer was killed in a suicide bombing in Syria. Joe Kent says he wouldn't believe even those who come forward publicly to confirm what they say they heard, Trump say. Earlier this year, the Trump Administration included in this military budget, a request to eliminate the Stars and Stripes. A long time military newspaper Jennifer King reports of president suddenly reversed that today. The military's independent newspaper Stars and Stripes have been ordered to cease publication at the end of September. The order followed a move earlier this year to cut the papers funding from the department budget and it was considered a reflection of the Trump administration's animosity for the media and members of the press. Members of Congress, including Republican Lindsey Graham, had been objecting to the plan for months, but amid allegations that he had made disparaging remarks about fallen troops. President tweeted that the US would not be cutting funding to stars and stripes, saying it will continue to be a wonderful source of information to our great military. Jennifer KING Washington This is AP News The CEO of the Tokyo Olympics as the vaccine is not a requirement for the games to be held next year. Toshiro Muto was speaking with government officials disease experts on Japanese Olympic officials. It's the first of several task force meetings dealing with the covert 19 pandemic as Tokyo tries to figure out if it's gonna hold the games. Regarding a vaccine, Muta said. It's not a condition for the delivery off the games. The meeting's over the next few months will deal with issues like getting athlete into Japan covered 19 testing measures to keep venues safe on the status of fans. I'm Charles Asthma, a study by Oxford University in Britain finds at the Tokyo Olympics are already the most expensive summer games on record. With the cost set to go higher. The cost overruns were reported even before several billion more dollars air set to be added on to the one year delay. I'm to McGuire AP NEWS CORONA VIRUS Update I'm Tim ACQUIRE than AP newsmen that President Trump says his administration's making progress and both the pandemic and the economy. President talking about the unemployment rate dropping to a 0.4% in August 1 point for a million jobs last month, bringing the total to over 10.6 million jobs created in just four months. Trump also criticize Democratic governors were resisting his calls for them to further reopen their economies Still open them on November 4th. But that should open them now is very unfair to the people to have those shutdowns. Continuing health officials from the federal level two local governments are concerned about the Labor Day holiday weekend. They're advising people to avoid large gatherings, especially indoors, practice, social distancing and wear masks. They note that people ignoring such precautions during the Memorial Day weekend and the fourth of July. Lead two spikes and infections, hospitalizations and deaths, especially in the south and west. Time to Maguire. Thank you..

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