Jonathan Marcus, United States, Florida discussed on Global News Podcast - UN Imposes New Sanctions on North Korea


Jonathan marcus in the united states and across the caribbean communities hit by hurricane erma are now focusing on recovery and rebuilding the storm wrought extensive damage up to twothirds of homes in the american state of florida or without power and oncepristine caribbean islands and now described as uninhabitable many if the islands a uk a french and dutch overseas territories and the british government in particular has faced criticism over the speed of its response and the supported offered but britain's defence secretary tsa michael fallon insists the uk authorities acted in good time rao to ship their ready not by chance we always put a ship into the region for the hurricane season that ship has been helping since thursday anguilla in the british virgin islands we have nine hundred troops are out there now we have three helicopters out there the eight effort is underway across our own territories and griller british virgin islands and turks and caicos and let me assure you were all working together on this knows everyone agrees josephine gums conner is a leading lawyer on the british territory of angola one of the island's worst hit by the hurricane people were starting to crack a helicopter coming off the ship uh with what was supposed to be construction materials ended up being about two pallets of plywood that's the extent of the construction materials that were coming to anglo them explained to us than constitution the legally what should the uk do in the aftermath of this kind of storm angler is an overseas territory and we have our own constitution.

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