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Buy the bag that gives back. Visit hill's pet dot com slash podcast to learn more that's hills, pet, dot com slash podcast. On Wednesday, October 7th, 1992, detective Barry Bernstein gets a call from his partner who has another lead for them to follow. An informant had told police about a guy named Timothy fair-weather, who might know who killed Sean. Timothy's family lives in Middletown, and he was 15 at the time, so it's not a stretch to think that he might know something. He's 22 years old when police approach him at his home, and he agrees to speak with them right away. Detective Bernstein says he doesn't even ask what it's about. He just grabbed a jacket and off they go to the station. When they're settled in the detective asked him if he knows why he's there. And he says he doesn't. So investigators tell him that they think he might have Intel about Sean's murder. Timothy puts his head down, and he says he wants to ask them a question. If he held Sean Edwards while his friends killed him, could he get in trouble? Detectives can not believe what they're hearing. They go out in the hall for a minute to just collect themselves because this is it. This is the break that they've been waiting for for more than 6 long years and it's finally happening. Back in the interview room, they asked Timothy to tell them everything. Starting with the names of the friends that he was with. He says there were two of them. Joey salgado and Eddie Devlin. According to times Harold record reporter, Tristan Corden, Timothy says Eddie called him at home a couple of days before the murder and told him that he needed help beating someone up because the person had, quote, ripped off a cocaine dealer. Now based on what investigators told us, Nelson is the dealer they're talking about. So in the early morning on Thursday, January 16th, 1986, Timothy met up with Joey and Eddie behind Middletown high school. Timothy says that he thought there was going to be a gang fight, but only Shawn showed up. Joey and Shawn got into an argument and Joey pushed him, so Sean ran. And before Joey and Eddie took off after him, Joey told Timothy to run around the other side of the school and cut him off. By the time Timothy caught up with them, Joey and Eddie had shone on his needs and they were kicking and punching him. So Timothy started doing the same. And then he held Sean down while Joey pulled out a knife and quote gutted him. That very afternoon detectives bring Timothy to Middletown high school. They want him to show them exactly what happened. And he's right in the ballpark. I mean, he's not totally spot on, but he seems to know stuff that only someone who was really there could know. And I mean, in their minds, listen, this happened years ago, maybe he forgot some details. Plus, it was dark when Sean was killed. I mean, to them, bottom line, this kid is confessing. Back at the station, Timothy draws a map and a diagram of what he says happened. He signed a statement and even writes an apology to Sean's parents, which says quote, dear parents, it was supposed to be a fight. I didn't do it. I am sorry. Timothy is charged with second degree murder and sent to jail without bail. And on Friday, when he appears in court with his lawyer, Dennis McCormick, Cynthia finally gets her first real look at one of her son's alleged killers. A short, stocky guy with longish, dirty blond hair, and Apache beard and mustache. She can feel rage, bubble up inside of her. Time hasn't done anything to heal her wounds. It's like it just happened yesterday. At least now she has a focus for all of her pain in her anger. It's Timothy's face she's focused on. But the thing is, it's not a face she recognizes. She's never even heard the name Timothy fair-weather. And her son certainly never mentioned him before. So as much of a relief as it is to see someone being held accountable for Sean's murder, there's also disappointment because the prosecutor announces that sends Timothy was only 15 at the time, he's going to be tried as a juvenile offender, so he's facing a maximum of 9 years to life in prison rather than the 25 to life that he'd be facing as an adult. After court, the lawyer Dennis has a chance to sit down with Timothy in jail. His lawyer's main concern is the confession. Actually, it's pretty much his only concern, because apparently there's no other evidence linking Timothy to the crime. So the first thing he asked him is what exactly did you tell police? Timothy doesn't remember much about their interview. But he's clear on one major point. He says that he didn't have anything to do with Sean's murder. He says he only confessed because he thought if he told police what they wanted to hear, he'd get out of there. And it turns out Timothy didn't give detectives much at all in terms of factual details. Like they said that Timothy told them things that only someone who was there could know, but Timothee's lawyer Dennis says that they can't say what those specific things actually are. Plus, the statement that he signed is just one page long. It's more of a summary than an in depth verbatim account of what was said. And there's also nothing laying out how the statements came to be. For instance, Dennis doesn't know if Timothy brought up Joey and Eddie without any prompting or if detectives like ask them. Are these the two specific guys involved and then he just agreed. Detective Bernstein told us that it was Timothy, who offered up the names. He says police never mention Joey or Eddie until after Timothy brought them up. Now, mind you, wallow, this is happening Eddie and Joey haven't been charged with anything in relation to Sean's murder. And detectives are actually busy tracking them down. Now in Joey's case it's easy, he's still in prison for the robbery, but he won't talk to police and he basically tells them to go F off when they come calling. Eddie, meanwhile, had spent three years in prison for a motel robbery, and not long after he got out, he moved down to Florida where his parents lived. So the day after Timothy's confession, police are on a plane. Detective Nicholas derosa touches base with the local sheriff in Florida and learns that Eddie, who's now 25 at this point, is working as a mechanic at a Chevy dealership. When he walks into the garage, Eddie turns

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