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This one's is interesting spiderman actor appearing doctor strange to according to google most headline. It could be the homeless guy. That's in a lot of new york movies because he always scout out. The film sets to get an extra so he could get paid. That's he's yeah he's great. He's called the radio man and he's in a ton of movies if you really. What does that got to do with. I don't know it just reminded me this is this is useless knowledge. This is from inside the magic again. Making their weekly appearance. They have written an article. About how andrew garfield name is showing up on the cast list for doctor strange in the multi verse of madness. While it's true garfield name shows up on the list without any image like the other cast members. It's also true that these cast lists are notorious for being wrong. After months of denying any appearances in the ncaa. It would probably be a good idea to see. If garfield appears and no way home we start casting him in doctor strange to i give this a quick level of a time still waiting for matt smith. Show up in skywalker. Yeah right with that. Yeah very good right. Dune is a box office hit and is performing pretty well across all of its platforms. Which is changing gears here right. Yes okay which is not always the case with dual releases. But what exactly makes us. Movie work We'll talk about that along with some interesting story. Points.

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