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Thank god for social Michael Rapaport about TV about sports big guy next fan for the bulls yeah really good do yeah he's at the Vic theatre tomorrow so support on hi the bears are scouting everything going on at the combine we're not watching that because we're watching the blue team yeah yeah I don't want to set it during the break we need the blue team to win right this is what it's come down to how I said do you you said you got to win I said Leicester city you probably like who are they and I sit in the middle you know how I know Lester because the L. in the sea is there well right in because of the famous toward they the team that was a long shot soccer team to win yes and then they want good recall no which twenty team they were just glancing up there without a little destination I no longer is yellow and I tried I called them yelled NO R. H. Norge the Canary had a goal like the hashtag for the church has an interesting Leicester for Christ okay so we we we took our winnings from yesterday and put them on Leicester city and by the way we found out just before kick that Leicester city's top player yes the the leading scorer in the premier league Jamie Vardy the second time that I've gotten in with these two guys with soccer bats where the best player on the team that we had money on it is announced that he's not playing well we've made a wager on Wednesday Sergio Aguero was out for man city in the starting lineup so this is the second time in three angry I'm just representing the church and they're not happy well the they'll get there is one thing you've got you've got the ultimate person in your corner don't you well I'm not if it's zero zero I know you're a good point so because that was my point is you know what if Leicester city goes on to win this game this is the ultimate sign from god that what we're doing is Kate told me that Norris was the worst team they are in the EPL I don't care of Leicester city's with Bundy or whatever his name is without a body or whatever his name is you told me they should win and right now the yellow team is significantly better than the the charges we had a goal and R. took money out of right now I think if we had you know the church behind us the decal what is it that I think there's lots of time the day I mean you're giving up a lot very early here.

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