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Park the affected vehicles outdoors, in some cases. General Motors is fulfilled. It settlement agreement with the US government over the ignition switch scandal of several years ago. And now a judge has dismissed the case. Against GM. Terms included, paying a nine hundred million dollar fine and three years of monitoring by the feds the additions which problems were connected to one hundred twenty four deaths and two hundred seventy five injuries. Several former members of the Snyder angler and Milliken administrations in Michigan have endorsed democrat Gretchen Whitmer for governor Republican governor Snyder has not endorsed the Republican candidate for governor Bill Schutte prompting Frank Beckmann to axe Snyder. Why don't you want to support Bill Schutte? Frank. I'm not gonna go down that path. Like, I said, I'm in the jobs. We just saw dropping our unemployment rate doing some good stuff on that strap and we're going to keep on bringing more jobs back to the states Snyder during a China trip Whitmer says the support of people like Bill Milliken junior. Joe Schwarz, the former congressman Jim haven, man. I mean, Richard McClellan Vivian carpenter. These are leaders from many different Republican administrations who are fed up with the divisive politics and want to get to work solving problems and know, incredibly grateful for their help. Forecasters are predicting more flooding areas near Conway, South Carolina. It was just last week a day after hurricane Florence set my team, and I were reporting from here on that river walk. It's a river walk. That's now underwater local authorities. Here are going to be keeping a close eye on rivers like this at their worried about overflowing. They say it's not a matter of if..

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