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These criticisms of unpreparedness it didn't they didn't just come from this incident right like no he was criticized for not knowing his party's position on the Firearms Bill and having to ask a colleague for hope all in the middle of a news conference. Can you tell us whether or not your caucus behind behind you in supporting this at this point. I'm I'm just a moment to clarify time. He was confused about a recent development. In China. Canada relations will doing a TV interview. The ambassador from China accused Canada of quote white supremacy. If you were the prime minister what would you say to the Chinese Janis Right now. Sorry who accuse you of white supremacy the the ambassador knew what do you make of criticisms that he just isn't prepared and and perhaps doesn't yet have the policy Gravitas to lead the MVP to victory. I think that he has learned from from that is well. You know he probably wasn't prepared for those interviews. He didn't know what his party's policy is but so far on the campaign he he seems to have learned from that and at the events when you ask him questions about the costing about the details. He seems to have all of those answers. He hasn't been caught up like he. He has in those you know standing in front of a television not knowing what is happening that was a learning curve for him and he seems is to have move forward from that at this point. I'm thinking of like former. MVP leaders like Tom Mulcair and ED broadbent here who like I know loved loved getting into the nitty gritty policies were kind of policy wonks and house Jagmeet Singh different from them. I think when it comes to Jug neat saying he wants to use his personal experiences to talk about his policies. So it's more of a personal connection with people you know he uses the example in his dad a lot and so you kind of get the sense that he's a bit more like Jack Layton to the other to think of all the people who came before us the millions of men and women who believe so passionately in a more fair society and they refuse to give up often in the face of overwhelming on weekends.

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