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This is the Ray Lucia show. America. Make better money moves it is threatening to fill along with my sidekick, Robin. I mean, Johnny dean, Robin. What did Robert it wasn't, Robin? Pretty well useless with Batman. What did he do? Our superpowers you could do it. You can climb. It's kind of like what you do on this saying the parallels are are all there. They know you're good, man. Hey, folks, got a lot about stuff on the docket today. I want to get to this lessons from the financial crisis. Dan camp over MorningStar did a great job mostly. I mean, I I don't agree with everything that morning star has a safe. They're pretty decent outfit. Yeah. And he just sort of flashback. Oh, I love it. You'll find it somewhat entertaining. Also, lots of stuff here on IRAs that I didn't get to yesterday and you a member anyway. That I do. Add their stuff on IRA's. I got some good info there to share this. I found very interesting. Why a broker? God forbid, oh, God forbid is this have to do with insurance now. Oh, it has to do with CD's. Actually, why a broker might be conservative investors. Best option God forbid. Oh, see I always hear that. In talk with insurance insurance agents are trained to raise their hand in the air and say if you should God forbid passing. Strain is insurance. I know you were going to the insurance side here. Yeah. I used to do the whole back the hearse up to the two main many many years ago. I was twenty four years old. You never took the family picture and put a big X over dad. Oh, you did. That's important thing to do. What if this were true? Black. What would you? Now, we just put a black bar over there. That's actually cleaner eight four four race show..

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