Basketball, Dan Clarice, Earl discussed on KCBS Radio Weekend News


And moving forward from there. So that's one of the things that we want to put out there in terms of something that you may want to get involved with. This past week. Basketball a love story. E S P N. This past Tuesday. They had part one and part two. We had already set it up for you. Our radio listening audience. We had Dan Clarice who is the person responsible for putting everything together. And then. After that. We had Earl the Pearl Monroe who was a part of putting together a lot of the information. And also the music. So we had already prepared you. That this was coming. Now, what we want to say to you. What did you get out of it? What information you were able to receive that you probably were not aware of before? And what kind of a dialogue, Ken, we have you. And I. And reference to basketball.

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