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To my top one oh seven one dot com key word aquarium supporter of cleary as some service is dot com can excel better water flows from better thanking hey guys bradley here for my good friends and family dentist three and i'm here with doctors scott so doctor scott schools back concession the kids are in school hopefully they've been taking care of what advice do you have for parents well now that the kids are back in and mom and dad focus on themselves it's time to get their dental worked on get the claiming that you been putting up you know any work that was diagnosed with bill on completed getting appointed to get that address so take care of them now in if you need some financing options we have great ones available right now so call today talk to the opposite bottom two we can do for you and don't forget to take care of it for the holidays for you out only no one wants to go under the holidays with a today don't wait make your life easier today call shams won family dentist three one eight hundred six my teeth or visit them online at fix might dot us and don't forget just like doctor scott starter rachel always says if you not hear my dad tracy another dentist take care of your team because they are the only ones yet i've got to make bunch of appointments for the kids abides you know it's some earned and this is the goals i appointments yeah i haven't appointed tomorrow for manager to there is no way to get to that i'm just to visit of you let me give a straight you have time to get new glasses for the kids but not coming in the graham even getting a man abram for you would be good for your kids i mean come on you probably want to lead to complain about the busy for several more decades among life is a lot more likely have regular memory grandes ten thinking that time the center of people growth can get you in three of them a grand out and on your way in an average of fifteen minutes and depressed center of maple drove just one game no appointment they even at the comfy warm roads and frigid calming environment you almost forget you there for on them abram life is busy make time for yourself anti of them a grand at the rest center of maple ground conveniently connected to the maple grow hospital patients also seen implementing crystal go to my top one of seven one dot com key word mammal for the night listeners don't have a lot of free time for listeners whose only accustomed to here in soulard moments of time jackson for the might talk super fans.

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