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The next day when they are given time to explore adidas's bast archives a museum quality collection of old adidas shoes what they're looking at inside that room is corporate history but soon they realize they're looking at something else too they're looking at the company's future a company that before any other sneaker company did focused first on the athlete before leaving germany the two consultants make two recommendations the first is to doubled down on the kind of committed technical year that otti dassler prized back in the day limit color palettes limit the number of futuristic features the blatant nike rip offs stopped trying to chase nike and reebok that's a strategy that rarely works anyway better to reconnect with core functionality get back to doing would adidas does bashed and then more in strasser make another suggestion adidas should under no circumstances abandoned the classic brands like the stance myths in the superstars embrace the old stuff appeal to the sinomiddle instincts of old adidas fans and revive in refined the classics keep those core shapes and colors but update i'm with modern fit modern technology like improve souls and lighter rubber within a few weeks strasser and more than officially retained by their old arch enemy spearhead a line of performance of herald no first as it is equivalent and later as they beat his performance lives there tailored to appeal the record athletes and they began collecting the classic adidas styles and a group called adidas originates strasser and morris changes don't have an impact right away these two former nike executives of crafted a path it will eventually lead adidas powdered the wilderness and back into the.

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