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I can kind of see what people are saying. Because I didn't know in the review, I know toll people sit I think you will enjoy go. See it apparently. I was right. A knew people would see this after I'd seen it because I think it does offer enough entertainment value in there for people who just want to see things such as a lot of CG effects, and and and. Every now, and then, you know. Maybe some humor from your main your main person who Jason momoa does deliver that. I mean, you're gonna follow up to anybody to the movie, then you follow Jasem Amoah because Jason momoa will say that he's a great leading guy for this role. Right. I liked him quite a bit. Yeah. But I think about it. I'm also thinking all right. You know? In the in the in the future when this movie finally hit TV when it's starts to play on cable. If that's even gonna be a thing in the future. I could see how a movie like this can be something that kids are going to actually say years from now man, I grew up on this movie. I loved this movie. This this is this this defined superheroes. For me when I was coming up. Okay. Kids go to love the colors kids goofy story, even with the series parts. I was thinking about the series parts, man. A lot of this is is this. There is the difference in that this is a full blown hundred million dollar blockbuster film live action. But it is like a lot of the side one cartoons that we grew. It is that we loved, you know, you have those all those things were really goofy storylines. Yeah. And you had your fun characters in that you that you that you followed as the leaves. But then you also head, you know, those who took everything very seriously. There's there's there's very little moral ambiguity here. Oh, yeah. Everyone is either completely evil or completely good. Maybe that evil ones love to speechifying loudly to although I will tell you man nowhere near a good. A villainous kill monger are Thanos. But I will say that one thing they did. Actually, make me think about maybe consider ocean master I had to with him. What you said look at them throwing all this shit up on the beach, all this trash and blowing things up, and we just chilling they mess with nobody. And they're dumping on us. We gotta do something about this. And we should go talk to them as no I'm sorry. He says we should go to war and destroy them. All you know, why? Because he saw how destructive they were. And he's like these people listen to reason see my ass and put me in a lab. Come after everybody else. You know? I I I saw I don't think the villain is well written. But I saw what. What he was talking about. And I'm like, okay. You know, what that's kind of a cool start. But, you know, looking at this ad to go back and think about things like I can't like I would never criticize anybody for likeness. There's this brings up a question, and it brings up an understanding to you know, I was the one, and I think Martin to we were the ones that that enjoyed what has you know? There's no denying is a terrible film. And it's the DC, Phil. And it's one that's probably wanted to. It's the biggest disappointment that changed everything. And I kind of enjoyed it. I'm looking for warriors stranger. Others like. Building alliance defend us. It's very important. I see this man..

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