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Bless hey matt thanks for your call i got scott hang in on the line matt as always thanks for the call dopey estranged you would you please call in milan appreciated scott welcome to the jamaa he's been entry show good afternoon our mitterrand rowan oreo off on a healthier hair could have could be corrected on a happy old i'm pretty happy they are not a court what happen to walk rages on a happy you know stopped patriots walk padilla lots of the apparent perk randolph cook all they lost of the campus the yacht shoot hopefully i'll be on a losing streak i tell you that you do not like to patriots scott i ate them and i'll tell you why there are running out without the quantity you are a funny guy scott so you don't leg day kids did we lose them cam rash sky you welcome the back if you want to try to lead eight seven one seven thousand sorry about that scott we apologise pupil callback met uh came up with it right through five the seven one seven thousand gary column people down by homes because of the mortgage deduction i would do they y'all i saw gary cohn whose trump's uh on trump's obviously his leading guy it's said trump's chief economist advise at scott logan back i had the sky you got the mic i had scott you there or guys came can you get the rebound added if you could i appreciate it within his sorry about that scott you welcome the call back i don't know why we have a difficulty sowa call us back bible each have one seven thousand so it said trump chief again executive excuse me economic adviser has initiated a debate about the economic a fact of the mortgage interest deduction on hold and vying this two deductions you're allowed to have in reason called opportunity monday is because in the last week i've seen more opportunities out there and there's a couple of things i wanted to mention in the recently called opportunity monday because it's an opportunity for you in the next two years will try he's on this fall a scott one which i am which i go ahead guys got still don't have him i skied well really sorry about that something must be wrong with the phones but give us a call college fiber lead eight seven one seven thousand hopefully it won't happen.

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