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You can see them though, only Gavin Julie, I'm sure they remembered that they're like, okay. We just have to keep Ron until the family visit then we're allowed to vote him out deals here. This Ron line really made me laugh though. When he's talking about his facial hair. And he's asking Lloyd if he likes it at the end of this. You like it. Kid friend. Up friends. I have never loved Ron Clark more than that singular line. It was so good. He just these friends so enduring Theron in that moment, just. Yes. Everything else after that not so much. But like that is really really great. One of the great things to be out. Ron Clark was that. They were really like two different Ron Clark's where he was like super nice Ron Clark in the group setting of saying to everybody. I love comma, these these are my friends, and wouldn't it be nice? We'll all get to the loved ones. Visit. We can just relax and then the confessional. Ron Clark was super duper shady and like very like cutting in all of his confessional remarks. Yeah. For sure I don't know who the cutting confessional. Ron Clark is. But I feel like the happy. Go lucky. Ron Clark is giving me a little bit of like, Mr. Mackey from south park, salty, friends like that. Okay. That's sort of what I get from him. And then the cut-throat one I don't know what that is. That's a real wrong lurk. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know who the true Ron Clark is. But. Very fun to watch the two Ron Clark's which one shows up in the movie. Oh, that's a good question. I haven't actually watched it. Probably something I should do one thing that did come to light through the BNB is there's some milk chugging that happens to like motivates students or something. So I don't know which which Ron would have chugged the milk. But yeah, I'm not sure I'm not entirely. Sure is Lloyd in the movie. Okay. That was my question because Hello. Ron's husband. Yeah. Lloyd can be in a movie anytime, I would watch that movie. But we think Kirk decided the potentially had happened before the movie was before they may be got married. So we're not entirely sure. From what I understand. I think that the movie takes certain liberties with the story that may not have been historically accurate that never happens movie is about. Liane? I wanted to ask you. So where do you come down on the great Rick Devon's debate of twenty nineteen? Are you in on Rick Devon's? Do you stand? Rick devon's. Or is Rick Devon's your ops? Okay. I knew I was going to get this question. Because this is the hot debate of the week. I think you timely on read it almost every single thread right now is I love Rick Devon's. Or I hate Devon's everybody is weighing or way out on Rick Devon's. I know that that young Rick Devon's is very very high on future. Jordan Kayless has Dan. That's right. Yeah. I don't, you know mini. Rick Devon's I don't wanna step on your toes or anything. I loved this concept, though, that you talked about rob of the Rick Devon's rohrschack test like what the rohrschack test of the probably a newbie game. Their next week. But it's definitely to me. I thought like, oh, this is laurel Yanni the yellow gold black blue because it does seem to be so polarizing it's like one or the other and there's nothing in between which for me as someone who feels like I fall in between like I can appreciate Rick Devon's for the entertainment that he brings to TV. I don't really get the severe hatred of Rick like, I guess, I don't really know. Exactly what he's doing that Garner's likes that level of can't stand. Rick his showmanship. But on the other hand, he's not super appealing. Oh my gosh. Rick Devon's is the best character ever. So I think for me I'm entered entertained by him, and especially his blasting of Ron and Julie at that tribal..

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