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Charges. I'm Ed MacKay. That's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty murder attempted murder and firearm possession charges were filed today against Mason Williams. The man who allegedly opened fire on two men with a handgun killing one of them. During a confrontation near Colina del sole park three days before Christmas. Teachers in San Diego County are the eleventh best paid in the state a Sacramento bee's study shows an average salary of more than eighty thousand dollars. Napa county features are the best paid with a median salary of more than one hundred thousand dollars a group of state and local officials on freeway signs today along interstate fifteen indicating the city's a little Saigon district as a cultural landmark the city of San Diego designated the little Saigon area in two thousand thirteen. This report is sponsored by in and out burger in and out burger fresh back at in and out. Your started out his whole fresh potatoes that are hand cut just before their cook. Because fresh is what it's all about wind and rain starting overnight with temperatures in the fifties. AM seven six. Talk and breaking news tell you about it. Then we talk about it AM, seven sixty talk and breaking news. Conservative. Mark Levin show. Call now at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one relationship tip number one. It's not going to truly feel.

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