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That's going to do it for our tailgate show are not patella. Ghor engineer is Adam Gillespie, assisted by Chris Shivani. Zach Jewel was our studio producer. Young gay black, Our engineer here on the scan to stage for Scott Howard, Lawrence Smith, Eric Zeier, D. J. Shockley. This is Neil Honda Williamson. The four drive to kick off with Scott, Eric and DJ is next, then the 2021 home opener for second ranked Georgia. We'll see you again at half time. This is the Bulldogs Sports Network. Hello, I'm Neil Pruitt, Chairman and CEO. Good health. We believe family makes us stronger. Being part of the work. Family's important to you. If you're looking for a home rather than just a job, and now is a great time to make a change. We invite you to join our family of caregivers and skilled nursing before help help connect with our recruiters right now. Just email hire me. At Pruitt health dot com That's hired me at Pruitt health dot com. Could help is a proud partner of the Georgia Bulldogs with thousands of locally owned Napa stores across the nation. Chances are that wherever you call home, we do, too. And that's why you can find us in big cities, small towns and everywhere in between doing what we've always done to help keep our local communities moving forward. So whether you stop by a Napa auto parts store auto care center or visit us at Napa Online, you can count on Napa know how Under Georgia football is brought to you by progressive insurance drivers who saved with progressive save over $700 on average, call or click today and find out if we could save you hundreds on your car insurance. This is the Georgia Bulldogs Sports Network..

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