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What i mean early travolta you could say west revolt that those deaths travolta's really barberini as as tony mineiro his ready bob marino as a as a cowboys rainy really you know what i mean but with tanks he completely creates a new character every movie every crime every movie and you know it it's unbelievable you you don't even know m eight gift become you know icon it in that movie become so factual and you think your hair great top bill will now be are know fromfrom yoke after why you go yeah he can't become another character and then he comes out with dolly in egypt as an amazing job i got to see sally or pretty transform himself and you know what when you think a cash the way that he would put himself through that you'll lose all that wait and to play that part that that's incredible acting i liked him in the move i too movies alike from hanks one was punchline which is a very dark movie route comedians but the other one you ever see that thing you do every year we regret the record guy near much report net but i really leaner was really you know very very truetolife frank thanks for the call to new jersey wanna 15 rob is in summit new jersey wanna 15 rebel a d good how are you i when he robbed a better gonna kill me one night by robert knepper on out there that may actually be a murdersuicide anything code together they're going to decide what is going to happen they're going to go to the table like they did in heat ted afterwards that's today marco rubio it out it may i get the with the great will re but not become or or even rich very underrated in my everybody not a great evil bye i think you on it i like that i like the this seeming heat when they at the table the two of them and they have that conversation there's a flip side to that you know and and the other one i like my favorite what am i favour de niro movies because these are so many with the deniro.

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