Larry Taunton Shares His Personal Perspective on Ukraine


Us. Larry Alex taunt and my friend welcome. How are you? I've seen from your Twitter feed. You've been all over. Yes, I really have been all over. But one thing that I have to say before I ask you your thoughts is that the only main statement with regard to the Ukraine is that what we might call the deep state or the Obama people, almost worked hard to bring about this crisis. And so now we find ourselves in this crisis with a unprecedentedly inept leader in the executive and people say, what can we do? What can we do? Well, the first thing you have to say is what might we have done, but here we are. So you spend some time in the Ukraine, you're adopted daughter who just got married, grew up in the Ukraine. What is your perspective? You know, it's interesting here I come when I was pursuing graduate degrees and Russian history and European history of Marxism, people told me then. This was post collapse of the Soviet Union. This was by a 92 93 94 through 97. And people told me it was complete waste of time. And here we are. And suddenly it feels so very, very relevant. You know, I have several thoughts of regarding this, Eric. First of all, I would just want to say to people to be careful of a media narrative that that sets up Ukraine as this mantle of freedom. I'm not taking a side with Russia. It seems to say anything critically about Ukraine is to be perceived as being pro put. And I'm most definitely not Putin. But two things can be true here. And those two things are that both of these countries have a shared history of violence, often against each other. And they are both deeply, deeply corrupt.

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