Trevor Noah Made Anti-Semitic Jokes Prior to Hosting 'The Daily Show'


Trevor Noah he's the host of the show calls himself a comedian daily shows on Comedy Central which means it's a comedy show and The Daily Show is in fact ruined comedy Blame Jon Stewart because he took himself so seriously Because he had these people who did you know them were more young people get their news from The Daily Show than from cable news well actually I'd be okay with that because cable news is a cesspool But that went to John Stuart's head and went to all these other comedian centers like oh we're important now We're important now So daily shows Trevor Noah yesterday He attacks Joe Rogan These are jokes that Joe Rogan made 11 years ago They're stupid their offensive nothing I would say That's not the point here The point is this is Trevor Noah going after Rogan for things he said 11 years ago Now let me take you back to 2015 when Trevor Noah was named the new host of The Daily Show Jokes that he made 6 years before in 2009 only 6 years before he got the gig I'm going to tell you some of his jokes Here's Trevor Noah's joke here Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road He didn't look before crossing but I still would have felt so bad in my German car You know because Germans killing Jewish children is funny Some of these jokes I can't say on the air But they're almost all directed at Jewish people

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