Mike Graham Describes How the Journalism Industry Has Devolved


Mike, you have this almost unique experience. Because you're not just a media professional from one country. You've done it here in America. You've been massively successful being this. You know, one man why a service for the globe before you came back to the UK and then started you also talk radio program. Let's drill down here a bit on what's happened. Because as a kid growing up in West London, you know, I'd love a news junkie. I was listening to LBC radio as a kid, you know, Adrian love at midnight as an 8 year old and my little transistor I'd buy the you know I'd pick up the Evening Standard coming home from school on the tube on the subway. That media doesn't exist anymore. Back then, you know, if you said the word journalist, it wasn't necessarily pejorative, and it was actually a trade. I mean, you knew stuff, you worked your ass off, the unions were problem, but you had a skill set and you were challenging the establishment. Yes, the BBC was always lefty. I get it. But it was a skill set. It wasn't just, here's a typewriter right stuff. Today, a snotty nose 21 year old is given a Gmail account and a search engine and they're allegedly a journalist. Will you walk us through you as a first hand witness? What has happened to your industry mic? Well, you're absolutely right. I mean, the BBC was always slightly left leading, but it was never so obviously biased, as it is now. You know, when I grew up watching people like Richard baker reading the news, you know, these were people like sort of Walter Cronkite, you know, they were respected and you could believe everything that they said. And that now has kind of changed. Now we have a guy called Hugh Edwards who makes 750,000 pounds a year. Now, I know that his dwarfed by some of the salaries over there. But he took a 250,000 pound pay cut and thought we should be grateful that he'd done it because he was apparently saving us all some money. That's paid for by the taxpayer. That's our money. Right, because if you don't buy a BBC television license, you can actually go to prison. It's the only tax which immediately sends you to jail if you don't

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