Remembering Mike Gallagher's '50 Things Liberals Love to Hate'


I don't want to get personal with somebody like Brian stelter or Acosta. They're all just really, really fierce partisans. And they hate everything that Americans love. I wrote a book called 50 things liberals love to hate. And it was intended to be humorous, maybe you've read it. I hope you have. It's still available if you can get it on Amazon. It was years ago. What year did I write that book? Wouldn't we do that to Eric? Is that ten years ago, 15 years ago? It's a long time ago. But I had a ball because I took a chapter and devoted it to something that liberals hate, swimming pools, steakhouses, Walmart, American flag lapel pins. 50 things liberals love to hate. And of course I did it like chapters 50 through one. The final chapter just showed a picture of the United States of America, a map of the USA. That was the final thing liberals love to hate. But think about it. Now the hate

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