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AP sports I'm guessing Kaulbach Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he sought alternative treatments instead of the NFL endorsed covert nineteen vaccinations Rogers told SiriusXM's Pat McAfee show Friday that he opted against the two main FDA approved shots because he is allergic to an unspecified ingredient the reigning NFL MVP learned he had tested positive for Colbert nineteen on Wednesday and will be away from the team for ten days including missing Sunday's game at Kansas city the Browns are cutting ties with former all pro wide receiver Odell Beckham junior Cleveland announced Friday it planned to grant the disgruntled twenty nine year old former first round pick his release after a tumultuous two and a half seasons dusty Baker is returning to manage the Astros for a third season after agreeing to a one year contract the seventy two year old Baker became the first manager in major league history to lead five different teams to the postseason as Houston fell to the Atlanta Braves in six games in this year's World Series yes in Coolbaugh AP sports

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