Rep. Jamie Raskin Makes Outrageous Comments, Calling for Sean Hannity's Testimony


He sat on the at least the first impeachment committee even the second perhaps against Trump He sits on the current Pelosi stalinist committee It's all very interesting for somebody whose family is notorious for their viewpoints And so he's very interested in having Sean Hannity Testify in front of their committee Cut 6 go Well Sean Hannity is being has become a figure of interest because he's a fact witness Obviously to the planning that preceded both the attempt at a political coup on January 6th and also apparently organizing for the insurrection And let us stop right there The only way this guy can do this Is because the constitution protects him The idea that Sean Was a witness to the planting to the planning of a political coup In the organizing for the insurrection these are outrageous comments By this Marxist These are absolutely disgusting and outrageous

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