MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Gives Breaking Update on Eric's Show


Now here's where we're at Eric I'm announced in this on your show. Okay. What we've done, now, now I did a Facebook Live two date or yesterday. I did a Facebook Live and I'm and I told what I'm gonna tell you right now. I said, you know what? Dominion deleted is deleting the whole 2020 election and they have to preserve evidence Tina Peters has a before and after, they have to preserve evidence in any lawsuits. There's been over 200 lawsuits and threatening letters from dominion in this country. Now, they help to preserve evidence. It's a felony. You kept keep stuff in the machines of to federal crime because you didn't keep it for 22 months. It's a state Colorado state crime and other states do. We've got them in all the states. Well, also, they didn't preserve evidence in my case in my cases, and my pillow sued them, remember, and smartmatic. So they didn't preserve Evan. We've been sending them preservation of evidence things for months. What they did Eric is they threw the guns into the river after they committed a murder. Now, I told this story yesterday. Now here's where I'm breaking on your thing. Alan duke, everybody is ahead of the Facebook fact checker. There's 5 of them. It's a company he's co owner with a guy named Martin overseas. He's overseas. We went head to head in battles with him. They're the Facebook fact checkers called lead stories. Very famous episode on Frank speech. I went shame on it, shame on you all and duke. That's for that same came from. Alan duke has covered up more stuff on Facebook. Now remember, Mark Zuckerberg came out three weeks ago and said, the Facebook fact checkers are just opinions. He said it in court. He said they're just opinions. The no, you didn't hear about that, everybody. He took cover his own butt. He said they're just opinion. But Ellen duke, he's been late. He's been standing away from Eric until yesterday. When I announced this, that this deletion, this stuff that Tina Peters has, he put a Facebook fact check over it and said and stopped all the live stream and it says you click on it and it says, here's why it's partially false it says partially false information. At the cyber symposium, we put up on the board what Tina Peters found what they deleted, but it was just like the, you know, it takes months of cyber guys to dig into that. We put it up there and two guys at the symposium made comments. Yep, that's just not true. It looks like they came out of two machines. So he put this Facebook fact check over yesterday. Well, I got news for you, Alan duke. Since then, 5 different cyber teams or cyber people independent of each other have dug into what was deleted. It's over for dominion. We're going to get this to Alan duke too. So he's going to do a public apology to the whole country and say yes, this is true. But Eric, you know what we're doing with this, we're bringing it to the judge in D.C. and saying, hey, they deleted they didn't preserve evidence in this case.

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