The Intentional Suppression of Natural Immunity


One story that I never thought would be controversial, but it's something that needs to kind of be built out, which is the intentional suppression of natural immunity. If you have fought through getting the Chinese Fauci coronavirus, you are infected. You got the natural antibodies. One would think that there would be an admission and acceptance amongst the people in charge that you should be treated as if you are quote unquote naturally inoculated or naturally vaccinated. There's always been this push against natural immunity. There's never been an allowance for natural immunity. For reasons that are quite obvious such as trying to pander to Pfizer and AstraZeneca Moderna and Johnson & Johnson in the pharmaceutical vaccine lobby, but also it's because they know that if they actually counted antibody tests and natural immunity, all of a sudden the power that the state has assumed would vanish and disappear.

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