Tal Heinrich: It Was Difficult Finding Illustrators for 'Heroes of Liberty' for Fear of Being Cancelled


I just find it odd that 20 and 30 years ago I mean I'm 47 I'm not that old but I'm old enough I've seen a few decades here Things like book burning rather figuratively or literally where we're considered heresy I mean if you remember the movie from the 80s footloose the book burning scene whatever it was right there where they throw in the books in the fire Even in liberal Hollywood the scene was used as a scene of mockery like oh my gosh look at these people they're burning books This is crazy And it was meant to be the conservative preacher in that movie you burned the book Now ironically tall it's the left you with a book burner said okay so granted they're not lighting them on fire but they're doing even worse I mean at least if you lit a book on fire after you read it you had the material in your brain What they tried to do to your books the heroes of liberty series is they tried to stop people from even getting them in the first place which I find doubly ironic The roles the left thought they had that conservatives were the big book burners are actually themselves the liberals 100% And you know what Dan it didn't really start there because even as we were working on these books and I'll tell you that it was pretty challenging to find American illustrators In fact we didn't find that we were getting illustrated to work with us on this amazing project And once you see our book you can go to our website that hears the liberty dot com and we also have a special discount code audience But you'll see the illustrations They are stunning And American illustrate was very apprehensive about the idea of illustrating a world Reagan biography because we're afraid of getting canceled because this is the prevalent Right now But eventually we work with illustrate wonderful illustrators from Canada and Serbia and France and the UK but now I guess after things developed the way

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